Direct access to The Atlanta

BeltLine's Westside Trail

Originally coined as part of “Warehouse Row,” Lee + White sits sandwiched between Atlanta's BeltLine’s Westside Trail and Rose Circle Park. With Adair Park across the street and the West End MARTA station a quarter mile from the property, this project embodies the revitalization of many Westside neighborhoods. Stream continues to redesign the historically underutilized 426,000 square feet of industrial buildings into a nucleus of entrepreneurial passion.

We believe in this project. We believe in supporting local businesses. We believe in the growing community at Lee + White.

Located less than 1 mile

from Interstate-20

0.25 miles from the West End

MARTA station + Adair Park

Before the site was transformed into Lee + White, the combined buildings and multiple loading docks served as a centralized railroad and transportation hub. Paying tribute to these early operations, Lee + White has placed emphasis on continuing to be an interwoven aspect of the community. These core values in addition to the iconic intersection of Lee Street and White Street inspired the characteristics that symbolize Lee + White.

Engineering The Original Food + Beverage District means inviting the West End and all of Atlanta to participate in a never-done-before concept.

Stream is cultivating an atmosphere that motivates and encourages locals to celebrate locals.

Across the street

from Rose Circle Park

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